Friday, January 13, 2006

Whooo Who!

Dr. Who is coming to America, according to the BBC and The Sci Fi Channel. Looks like he'll be landing the Tardis where the Battlestar Galactica is now parked.

It seemed for a while like the new Doctor, who (:-)) I guess is already sort of the old Doctor everywhere except the U.S. , was never going to get here.

BBC has a dandy flash animation on their site of the Tardis landing on the White House Lawn and a press release that explains how the deal was struck and that Sci Fi also has an option on Dr. Who Series 2.

Once upon a time in America
Once upon a time I knew people who thought it was heresy that Harlan Ellison said in his intro to the American Who novelizations that the series was better than Star Trek. I figured it must be. What could be better than Trek.

Then, finally, I got to see a few Whos and realized how right he was. I was introduced via the Jon Pertwee incarnation on PBS in my general assignment days -- I worked nights

Though saddled with rubber suits and videotape production values, the scripts were great science fiction stories, sometimes brilliant.

And in Britian the Doctor is/was considered children's programming. I know, so are Teletubbies.

But maybe there's something we could learn from that.

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