Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"House" provides Customer Service Training

Ironically, I've been assigned to find a good customer service video. I guess it's because I'm usually unhappy when I don't get good customer service. That's the reason I'm no longer a customer of my local cable company.

When I worked directly with customers once upon a time I tried to be good on that front.
I was often successful, except, you know, with people who bothered me.

Hugh Laurie teaches
In perusing titles and clips online, I ran across something that may interest House fans. Hugh Laurie appeared in a customer service series from Monty Python's John Cleese, I'm guessing in the late eighties by the size of the cordless phone he's holding in one clip.

I mention those here for the Hugh Laurie fans who occasionally get thrown off course and land on this blog because of the occasional mention since my wife is a fan. I hope the information is of value.

American viewers who've missed Laurie's guest shot in Friends or in roles such as Jeeves and Wooster will be a little surprised.

It's Bertie
He's a lot more Bertie Wooster in the clips. My favorite about internal customer service provides him a great line.

Samples seem to be all over the place, but the best I found are here. You'll also see Jennifer Saunders of Ab Fab in some scenes.

Scroll down (way down) to the John Cleese listings on this page to see clips of Hugh in several clips.

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