Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Meanwhile under the tree

We brought Christmas presents home from Christine's mom's and put them under the tree.

Daisy, aka the good cat, immediately began to poke around them as if to say: "I'm looking to see if there's one with my name on it." At least that's the quote Christine attributed to her and she's usually pretty good at interpreting her thoughts.

Failing to find "Miss Daisy" on any "To" cards, our queen took up residence atop a present we believe to be a new tea kettle from Christine's mom.

If Christine were on Heroes, her super power would be the ability to ascertain a gift package's contents long before Christmas Day. And to interpret the thoughts of a slightly bossy female cat.

I'm not sure why Daisy is so interested in a tea kettle, but it seems to be where we'll find her from now until Christmas Day. It had a really nice bow, too.


Charles Gramlich said...

Maybe Christine's powers could feature in a new mystery series for you. She solves crimes through communicating with the pets of deceased owners. Or has this already been done?

Sidney said...

Hmmm, that's interesting. Christine and Miss Daisy appear fictionally in the short story "Miss Daisy and the Rosary Pea" but it's more a story of Miss Daisy assembling horticultural clues which Christine interprets. Perhaps the long unwritten "Miss Daisy and the Jerusalem Cherry" could develop that notion.

Clifford said...

I bet it's one of those cheese boards with the glass dome and cutter...cats know cheese. They sometimes eat it so they can get "cheese breath". They then use their cheese breath to mesmorize rats and mice. Works every time. Yep, definitely a cheese board!

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