Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Reading

I guess this is another of my personal holiday traditions. I like to read, and listen to, Christmas-themed fiction at holiday time, but you can only enjoy A Christmas Carol so many times.

I enjoy various versions from Patrick Stewart's one-man show to Jack Palance's Western interpretation in Ebenezer, but variety is nice as well.

I have some new-to-me items handy for downtime this weekend, when we're not cooking or shopping. I hope we don't have to do much of the latter.

The Twelve Frights of Christmas is an old anthology edited by Isaac Asimov with titles from H.G. Wells and Robert Bloch among others. I'm looking forward to a few holiday chills from that. I've had it a while, guess you could say I've been saving it.

Doctor Who
I also have a holiday-themed Doctor Who audio title from Big Finish, at least I think it is set at Christmas time. Should be a nice listen anyway. It's called The Chimes of Midnight and drops the eighth doctor, the one from the U.S. TV movie, into a British mansion in 1906 where he's faced with a mystery or two to solve. (And of course Doctor Who The Christmas Invasion re-airs Christmas Day on Sci Fi. If you're in the UK of course you get an all new Who special.)

Hopefully I'll enjoy the book and CD I've chosen as much as some of my previous holiday reads such as A Carol in the Dark, a really nice mystery from longtime editor Cathleen Jordan and The Christmas Crimes at Puzzle Manor from Simon Brett.

The Brett novel is an excellent holiday read about murders and puzzles at a snow-bound mansion. There are real puzzles you can solve built in.

Here's hoping everyone has some great holiday fun.


Charles Gramlich said...

The Christmas Crimes at Puzzle Manor sounds like fun. As for my holiday reading, I'm picking something from my pile today. I'm leaning toward Al Sarrantino's "Masters of Mars," a kind of sword and planet work

Sidney said...

Well in keeping with holiday themes, Al has had a couple of Halloween-themed books in recent years.

Clifford said...

Great idea, Sid!

I don't have any holiday-themed works on my shelves, but while holiday shopping on Amazon, they suggested a T.M. Wright novel I'd never heard of -- A Spider on My Tongue -- so I ordered it as a gift to me. It's only 123 pages long, so it's even the perfect lenght for a Xmas weekend read!

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