Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Download worthy

Charles Gramlich is talking Hannibal Rising over at Razored Zen. He had to read it for an article he's writing on Thomas Harris. People have been discussing it a while over on the Shocklines Forums, having purchased it right away. I was so excited to read Hannibal that I bought it in hardcover as soon as it was available. Not so Hannibal Rising. Just can't get excited about a new Lecter story even though I could at least spring a credit for it at Audible today as my subscription kicks in on the 20th. Sometimes it seems a sequel diminishes the original, stellar work. On the other hand, though I didn't like Forever Odd quite as well as Odd Thomas, I had no hesitation in springing for the audio of Brother Odd for the iPod to see what happens next to Odd Thomas and the ghost of Elvis. (Anyone remember the Weird Al song where he cites a tabloid headline: "The ghost of Elvis is living in my den!"?) Deciding on how to spend one credit is easier than how to spend the second though. With one there's always the second, no problem. With the second, well, that's it. All you're gonna get for a month. Should I go for Michael Crichton's new one? Or the non-fiction account of Irael's response to the 1972 Olympic massacre, Striking Back, last week's No. 1 history download at Audible. Or should I go for the holiday-themed thriller Slay Ride by Chris Grabenstein? Yep, deciding what's download worthy can be a challenge.


Charles Gramlich said...

I wasn't terribly enamored of Odd Thomas and so I haven't picked up the sequels. I heard that Forever Odd is very dark so I might try that one. I tend to prefer Koontz in his darker moods. His sense of humor is quite different from mine so his lighter stuff just doesn't yank the same strings.

Stewart Sternberg (half of L.P. Styles) said...

I would go for something new. I have read two accounts about the Israeli's attack on the Munich terrorists, one which served as the inspiration for the Spielberg film, and I'm not sure where the speculation, the exaggeration, the facts, the lies begin and end.

If you find a book about the Raid on Entebbe, it will make a much better read. That is fairly well and reliably documented and freakin fascinating

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