Monday, April 04, 2011

New Who

I've been so busy of late, I haven't had time to be excited about the new season of Doctor Who. It's kind of interesting how the phenomena has transformed. 

Took a year for Season 1 to air in the U.S. I can remember visiting the official site one day to discover the TARDIS materializing on White House lawn. 

Now we get the Christmas specials on Christmas night, and a new season is here almost as quickly as it airs in the UK. That's the force of demand and technology, I suppose. 

The lack of anticipation almost makes U.S. viewers take it for granted. 

Seeing the first U.S.-lensed scenes evidenced in the trailer helps with my excitement. Let the countdown begin.

And what should arrive in my RSS feed this afternoon but an interview with lead writer Steven Moffat on the evolution of the series. Read it

New Who Wallpaper


RK Sterling said...

"Twelve Jammy Dodgers and a Fez" - love it! :)

Charles Gramlich said...

I did think the ads for this made it look pretty good but I've not caught any shows so far.

Stewart Sternberg (half of L.P. Styles) said...

When I watch Dr. Who, I am reminded of another of my favorite old British imports..The Avengers. I am reminded of the show because it went through many changes in tone and personnel, almost lampooning itself in the process.

I remember episodes of Dr. Who when I felt it was succumbing to what I call "The Avengers Syndrome." However, just when I think the show has reached a tipping point, it does something remarkable to right itself.

Sidney said...

Yeah, it may have a weak moment now and then, but then something happens to wow you anew.

It is brilliant stuff, Charles. Check it out if you get a chance. It would be really good to start with the first ep of the new series and watch that straight through. There's one arc with some flatulent aliens that throws some people off, but get through that and stick to the end of series one and you'll see how fab it is.

Bridges said...

First season is really the best one in some ways. It didn't go too hotshotty with all the "ultimate threat to the universe" stuff. Plus Eccelstone really did a good job the more you watch. Dalek and Father's Day really show a side of DW you never saw in the classic series. If Dalek didn't have a couple of hammy actors it would have been even better.

I didn't like last season near as much as the RTD years. While the stories are good on an intellectual level, there was a real lack of emotional connection. Plus Moffat keeps retreading the same concepts OVER and OVER.

Sidney said...

Last season wasn't as good as I expected it to be, having liked so many of Moffat's stand-alone episodes plus Jekyll, which I thought was very well done. Ditto, now, Sherlock.

I do like Smith, though, and liked a lot of the individual eps including the return of the Silurians. I'm not just super wild about River Song and didn't like The Time of the Angels arc like I thought I would.

Bridges said...

I agree. And the finale was way too convoluted. Having all the "enemies" come together wasn't very good at all and wasted a lot of opportunity. RTD did a good job with the Daleks and Cybermen meeting in Doomsday. This one was a joke almost. And the redesigned Daleks are ridiculous with the multiple colors.

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