Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Girl in The Trunk - Pulp Covers and How Bish's Beat can be dangerous

I now own a copy of the book above, The Girl in the Trunk, an early seventies pulp-noir mystery from Ace by Bruce Cassiday. It's the tale of a Honolulu cop who has to investigate, well, I think you get the idea from the cover.

I was browsing the fabulous Bish's Beat blog one day and caught sight of it in his vintage covers gallery.

They're snapshots of the Fawcett Gold Medal era though not limited to Gold Medals of course. Dell and many smaller publisher's get display, and you know how it is with covers. Once you glance at them, you wonder what the story's about.

I dutifully check the usual suspect spots when one's particularly intriguing. Sometimes those checks pay off. Mr. Bishop posted  Night Squad from David Goodis, author of such classics as Dark Passage and one-time litigant over the origins of The Fugitive, and it seems some of his books have crept into public domain and are readily available for e-readers.

Many other paperbacks are not available in any current form, sadly. That means seeking them out used. I got The Girl in the Trunk for probably a buck plus postage. Bye to some of my royalties from my e-book sales.

I'll let you know how it reads.

As you know, I'm Sid, and I'm a biblioholic.

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DocStout said...

Nice catch on some classic pulp quietly sliding into public domain! Very impressed, and will be adding a few titles to my collection.

Sidney said...

Thanks, Doc. Happy reading.

Kate Sterling said...

"Bye to some of my royalties from my e-book sales."

I know whatchu mean. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

You're just lucky I haven't become a Biblioslaughterer, killing folks for their pulp collections. Cause I would kinda like to get this one. ;)

Sidney said...

Clearly I need to shore up the defenses.

Benedict said...

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