Saturday, March 22, 2008

Books I Should Have Read in the '80s: Kane by Douglas Borton

Do you have books waiting around for you to read them? Doesn't everybody?

by Douglas Borton has been on my shelf, or actually various shelves in various residences since it came out in 1990, so technically it's not an '80s book but it is part of that '80s horror wave.

I bought it new because I was intrigued by the premise and had liked Borton's Manstopper, but in spite of its great premise I've just kept not getting around to it until now.

But it's a great read. I'm not finished but I trust it will all come together well. It's about a mysterious stranger who wanders from the California dessert into a dying town and decides to speed the process along.

Only about 25 people still live in Tuskett, Calif., once known as Desolation. After a brief pause to get his bearings, the mysterious Kane starts picking off the population. Why was this never made into a movie? Could have been a great, gritty documentary-style chiller.

The novel offers some great characters along with page-turning chills. It's broad, small town cast of characters reminds me of the flavor of Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot.

If it's on your shelf but neglected, pick it up, or look for it and see what you think.


Leon said...

I had a similar experience last Fall when, after a visit to the Holocaust Museum in DC, I finally read John Hersey's THE WALL which was published in 1950. I should have read it 50 years ago.

Charles Gramlich said...

I don't think I ever heard of this one, or if so I've forgotten it. I'll have to keep an eye out. Sounds intriguing.

Sidney said...

I have more from the '80s, but you hold the record, Leon!

Anonymous said...

Same here. Most of mine are sci-fi books found at garage sales/library sales, etc. I have the best of intentions...but then...

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