Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What's on the iPod - If I had a Boat by Lyle Lovett

I first took note of Lyle Lovett's music when "If I Had a Boat" was offered as a free download in the early days of free downloads. I think it was in a proprietary Liquid Library format or something.

Until then he was the guy who quoted from "Freaks" in "The Player" and married Julia Roberts for 15 minutes.

I was fortunate enough a while latter to attend a concert when he toured to promote his compilation "Cowboy Man." He did a stunning show and of course performed "If I Had a Boat," that's at once sweet, upbeat and rebellious.

I'll admit I've been in a bit of a first of the year funk the last few days. They really shouldn't schedule the first of the year right after Christmas. It means letdown is inevitable.

But I was driving along this morning and "If I Had a Boat" kicked up on the shuffle with it's suggestion of the fulfillment of childhood dreams and present day bliss. "If I had a boat," the lyrics note, "I'd go out on the ocean, and if I had a pony I'd ride it on my boat."

Ah, the sweet spirit of that thought. It's really, deep down an F you to every care and woe, it's Buffet to a slightly different tune, and it builds up to my favorite verse:

The Mystery Masked Man was smart
He got himself a Tonto
Someone who would do his dirty work for free.

But Tonto he was smarter.
He said "Kiss my ass, Kemo Sabe,
I've bought a boat and I'm headed out to sea."

How fabulous is that? I think I'll be humming it all day.


virtual nexus said...

Hi - new visitor through Charles.

This post reminded me of the Far Side Cartoon where The Lone Ranger looks up the definition of Kemsabe long after he retires, and finds its something along the lines of kiss my ass - presume the song came first?

Remember watching the LR originals as a kid. Happy days....!

Charles Gramlich said...

Lana has a book she's listening to right now on music and the brain and it talks about how music can so lift one's spirits. I think it's called something like "Your Brain on Music."

Erik Donald France said...

It is truly sweet. Lyle L is cool.

It also reminds me of John Lee Hooker singing "like a sheep out on the foam" -- priceless

Lana Gramlich said...

*LOL on Buffet's words* That's classic!
Y'know, if you don't celebrate holidays & instead treat them all like any other Wed., Fri., etc., the emotional rollercoaster completely stops & any gifts become a nice bonus. Hope you feel better soon, at any rate.

AvDB said...

Brilliant lyrics. I'm not a Lovett fan, but I've got to respect those words.

I hope your funk subsides. I'm not much of a believer in New Years. Not in resolutions, celebrations, or even in the day itself. After all, time doesn't care what days we assign to it, so why should I? (except for making my dentist appointment, of course)

Miladysa said...

Made me smile :)

I have only heard a few of his records on the radio and can't remember any that were downbeat - never realised the lyrics were so good until now!

Sidney said...

Thanks for dropping by, Julie, and thanks for the other thoughts,folks!

RK Sterling said...

Ah, dear Lyle. :)

I love to quote him when people accuse me of disliking men because I don't date.

When once asked why he hated women, he replied, "I don't hate women. I hate everybody."

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