Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jury Duty: And To Think I Could Have Spent the Day in a Kilt

I got cut from jury duty today. I don't know how it is where you live, but I always find it a bit grueling, kind of like a cattle call.

But I go in the interest of my civic duty, and you know, to avoid a bench warrant. I had a call to be an extra for a period film, so I had to turn that down for the privilege of being a part of the judicial process.

I'm not sure what the costume would have looked like, but I'm pretty sure it would've been a dress given that men didn't discover pants until like the 16th century, right?

A dress in 40-degree weather vs. cattle call.

OK, maybe I got the better end of the stick this time.

"Please know we all appreciate your showing up for service," they announced in court. "Don't go to the bathrooms or the vending machines while the judge is on the bench."

So I'm sitting there, working my way through the three-hundred-forties of The Historian, and they say well we need danged near everybody that showed up today so settle in.

My heart sank.

Then after a while they came back and said well good news, 78 people are going to get to go home.

So they call a pool of 22 and I'm not mentioned. Whew.

Then another 22.

Then a pool of 42. I'm not one of names 1-41.

Then they drag out the forty-second name, but it's not me. Yippiee!

But No. 42's not there.

I'm thinking - "Issue a bench warrant. There are some guys in uniform outside just waiting to go look for somebody."

But they just tell us stay put.

In The Historian the hero was taking particular interest in the name Ivireanu. The reason? It's a long story.

Finally they come back and announce: "The judge can live with 41."

Apparently generating another random name would have taken a court order or something.

Sometimes, I'm here to tell you, red tape is a good thing. Lunch time!


RK Sterling said...

Aww... sorry we missed the chance to see you in a kilt.

Sidney said...

Well, one of my co-workers noted I'd probably need to work out to get ready for a kilt or toga.

Charles Gramlich said...

I've been called so many times it's amazing. Only once have I actually been chosen to sit on a jury.

Lana Gramlich said...

*High 5!* The only time I was called for jury duty was the day after I booked a flight to visit my brother in Florida. Of course, jury duty was scheduled for the exact same day. Fortunately the proof of my flight got me out of JD.

Miladysa said...

I confess I have always fancied being called for jury duty... as long as it was an interesting trial of course.

Alas, it has never happened and I only know one person who has been called.

Either I live in an area of low crime or perhaps I mix with the wrong kind of people :)

Do they ever say why you have not been selected after you were called?

Sidney said...

They say a vacation that's already booked is cause for release here, too, Lana, but I never manage to have one planned when they want me.

There are two ways to win here, Miladysa. You're pulled from either your voter registration or your driver's license with the department of motor vehicles. If your name is slightly different on your driver's licience i.e. you're Sidney Williams on one and Sidney G. Williams on the other, you double your chances. I'm like Charles, I get called once or twice a year.

Anonymous said...

I've never been called. Probably because I've moved around so danged much.
Mom, however, is called almost yearly.

Clifford said...

I liked the suspense in your telling...felt like I was there!

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