Monday, November 12, 2007

More Notes from the Road and More Wordstock

After walking some streets filled with beautiful yellow ginkgo leaves, I went back to Wordstock Sunday to browse a little more and to attend a "Wordstock for Writers" session led by Lauren Kessler.

It was called a "12 Step Program for Writers: How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself and Start Writing." Workshop sessions, I find, are always inspirational and you always glean useful ideas. I won't give away her seminar here, but happily I was already doing a lot of the 12 steps. A few others should help add a little electricity to my motivation.

Powell's with a Map
Went back to the main Powell's on Burnside for the afternoon and got their map this time, then cruised the shelves looking for things that wouldn't hit me in the face at Barnes and Nobel.

Powell's is color coded - Orange for home, garden and cooking, Gold for genre, Green for new arrivals, Blue for Literature etc. etc.

I wound up with a stack of books and not a heavy hit to my plastic.

More later on the books I found at Wordstock and Powell's.


Charles Gramlich said...

12 steps? I thought it was just 1 step, butt in chair and write.

I'm looking forward to more about your book bargains. I've been getting some nice stuff from Book mooch lately.

Erik Donald France said...

Portland rocks! My 93 year old grandmother lives across the river in Vancouver, Wash.

Powells rocks, too!

Sidney said...

Actually Charles, you nailed one of them. :-) Although she put it in slightly more polite language. I've always heard it as writing = ass in chair.

I've never been to Vancouver but always heard good things about it, Erik. I love Seattle and really this whole region.

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