Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'm makin' a pictcha

I can't quite believe it, and for a while I thought I was dreaming, but I've splashed water on my face and it's true.

I shot scenes for a movie last night.

It was kind of a plum extra opportunity. I got to be an attorney in scenes with Matthew Broderick in his new film.

This came about because I heard they were filming The Mist last summer and thought it would be cool to be an extra in a Stephen King flick, so I sent in a headshot and list of plays I was in in college.

I think The Mist was actually already finished, so I didn't hear anything and kind of forgot about it.

Then in Portland on Wednesday I got an e-mail from the casting agency saying they'd been looking for me and getting only voice mail. Would I be available to be an extra on Friday?

I was in the business center at the movie-themed-boutique Hotel Deluxe, so I had to go up to our room and ask Christine, who was showering: "Can I be in a Matthew Broderick movie?"

"Where have you been? Having a soda at Schwab's?"

"No, no I got an e-mail. Hmm, maybe I never told you I wanted to be an extra in The Mist."

What's The Mist?"

"It's a movie with the guy who played The Punisher but that's not important right now. Apparently I have the right look to be an attorney in a different movie."

She said sure, and so I found myself in a suit from about 5 p.m. Friday until 5 a.m. today. It was a job roughly like playing one of the judges in The Cain Mutiny Court Martial must have been, but still a blast.

I could wind up on the cutting room floor, but I got a front row opportunity to watch Broderick work as well as seeing a big crew in action.

I'll tell you if I hear when it's going to be released.


RK Sterling said...

How exciting - congratulations. :)

Here's hoping you make it all the way to the big screen. :)

Sidney said...

Or at least to the DVD extras. They seemed like pretty pivotal scenes so maybe at least a glimpse of me will make it in. :-)

Charles Gramlich said...

That is so cool! Congratulations. Keep us informed.

Anonymous said...

Congrats & keep us posted on your experiences (& which scenes to watch for you in!)

Sidney said...

Thanks, I'll let you know more as I hear it.

Erik Donald France said...

Cool! Very cool, indeed -- the right man in the right place at the right time. Life really is sweet sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Congrats. The Mist looks like it's going to be excellent. The short story is a horror classic. And Andre Braugher's in it too. Great actor (if you've ever seen Homicide Life on the Street).

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