Monday, June 11, 2007

The ear thing and Sopranos spoilers

So I'm sitting in an airport terminal this morning with my fingers in my ears, stamping my feet and humming "I don't hear you!"

Christine was beside me doing the same thing.

An old guy next to us was looking at us strangely. (By old guy I mean at least 10 years older than me.)

Why was this going on?

Because we spent most of the night on a red eye or in airline terminals, we didn't get to watch The Sopranos finale live and CNN WOULD NOT SHUT UP with spoilers. It wasn't like changing a channel was an option.

First, American Morning or whatever they call their morning show, was on, blasting through the terminal, where we really needed to listen for a flight to be called.

We got through that with the finger in the ear trick, then apparently the staff or the airport gods switched the channel over to CNN Headline News for the Robin and Company discussion. I can't really blame Robin she was off. It was a sub on her show that was spewing spoilers

Again we had to do the ears.

It is seriously time for the news channels to reconsider how television shows are covered.

CNN and FOX News are broadcast all over public places, in hotel lobbies, terminals, department stores. They're not passive. It's one thing when it's Paris live, all the time.

However, when you're talking about a show scheduled for numerous rebroadcasts, spoiler alert does not cut it if there's not an easy way for people to look away.

Fortunately I did manage to avoid hearing anything other than "Fans were disappointed..." and "When Phil Leotardo..."

With your index fingers, you can turn spoilers into teasers. Finally we made it home and relaxed to watch the show, and, you know, make it safe to live with open eyes and ears.

And for those who thought the finale was a bust:

(Spoiler warning)
It wasn't. The show wrapped up with more red herrings than a shelf full of Christie novels, riffing on the very thing for which the show's always been attacked.

That's brilliant.

But whatever did happen to that guy who was a Russian Green Beret?


Anonymous said...

We were just talking about the Russian...I guess that there are just some things in life we'll never know.

Personally, I LOVED the ending. I have a tons of ideas about what happened (and a theory that Adrianna is the cat). We may have seen Tony's last moment, considering the sudden darkness and silence.

I guess that some people like to have stories spoon-fed to them.

Sidney said...

I hadn't thought about Adrianna. That's an interesting thought and would fit the strange obsession with Christopher.

Charles Gramlich said...

While you were in the world trying to avoid spoilers, I was in Cross Plains and didn't even see a TV for four days. The only radio I heard was country music. The local newspaper only carried information on local folks and crop stuff. Something to be said for getting away from civilization.

Sidney said...

Sounds like that would have its merits. Speaking of Robert E. Howard, and heroic swords and sorcery fiction in general I just got in "The Black Company" from Book Mooch.

I know you've liked that series and I'm looking forward to giving it a try.

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