Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Killing Fred

The picture was everywhere and initially I though it might have been produced "Lord of the Rings" style with trick perspective.

Not so, the 1000+ pound hog that was hunted to it's death was real. It's the reality horror writers might easily spin into a tale of terror.

The story behind the initial headlines is horrific in a different way.

Wayne Pacelle posted a link yesterday to a less publicized news account. The "monster" was raised as a pet and had a name, Fred.

The hunt to his death was a canned hunt.

I'm cursed with a writer's empathy - I can imagine what it must have felt like to a coddled, domestic animal, raised with meals provided and other care to suddenly become prey. Even if you want to argue that the creature did not possess the reason of a human there had to be a feeling of confusion.

Did Fred have the sentience to feel betrayal? Certainly he felt fear and pain even though there are those who argue animals don't have an understanding that they are going to die or of what death is.

As humans with empathy and reason we need to ask these questions. If we don't, we're less human.


Charles Gramlich said...

Yes, when I found out this was a canned hunt it made me rather sick. Makes me wonder about previous "hunts" for hogzilla. Sigh.

RK Sterling said...

I'd never heard of canned hunts before this, Sidney. This was nauseating and so, so sad.

Sidney said...

Yeah, it's all pretty much "fish in a barrell." Very far from sportsmanship.

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