Thursday, April 12, 2007

Would we accept the Lost Others as Aliens?

For those avidly following "Lost," as I am, an intersting Easter Egg (or red herring?) popped up last night, as documented on the Lost Easter Eggs Blog.

The symbol on the tree at the suitcase drop in the jungle appears similar to symbols related to Ummo aliens, claims that beings from planet Ummo began visiting Earth in 1950. I'd never heard about them before although it's aparently well known though not Roswell-well known.

So, does that mean Adam and Eve in the cave are dead astronauts who spawned or deposited core members of the Others group?

Is the seemingly superhuman strength of the Others of alien origin? Is the oft-referenced Jacob a "Stranger in a Strange" land who's garnered worshippers?

Did they have, then lose the ability to reproduce on The Island? Or are aliens trying to breed with humans and failing?

Producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff have stressed Adam and Eve who appeared in Season 1 are proof they've had a narrative plan all along.

Is that step one in foreshadowing that might soon take the already strange story even further into the realms of science fiction?

And if so, as viewers are we primed enough to accept it or is such a revelation a potential "jump the shark moment." I'm not sure how I'd feel.

How far can you go in a fictional stretch? Anyone have thoughts?


Charles Gramlich said...

I'm afraid, I'm lost. Actually, I wanted badly to watch this show but knew I could never keep up with a series. Someday I'll probably rent it by seasons or something. I always thought, however, that it sounded like a riff off of X Files.

Drizel said...

I watched the first season, loved it and then well I did not see any other episode after that.
Fiction, how far will one go.....It depends on your crowd I guess.

Sidney said...

I'd urge both of you to rent - it's like an extended Stephen King - influenced by The Stand and the gunfighter series.

People I know who've watched by renting have plowed through episodes pretty quickly.

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