Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cat Health Food - Switching to Organic

You know, when you're changing your cats' food you're supposed to mix a little of what they've been eating in with the new stuff so that they have an opportunity to prepare their pallets.

Given all of the problems with pet food of late, I figured I better get my cats something safe so I ordered some organic food from Amazon.

I thought "human-quality," organic food should suit my cats just fine, so I didn't mix it. I used up the food that they had been eating, which I'm thankful wasn't part of the recall then opened a bag of the new stuff.

I expected them to be happy to eat one of the same brands I do.

I left them some super primo delux new stuff with free range chicken at bedtime last night. That seems to work well, usually.

At 3 a.m. Monty, our eldest-- apparently elected spokesman for the other cats--woke Christine demanding to be fed. I hid under my pillow and pretended I didn't hear this going on.

Groggily Christine went to the kitchen, expecting to find an empty bowl. Instead the food I'd put down hadn't been polished off.

Monty sat beside it staring at the bowl, then up at Christine.

Daisy, our female, has accepted the change just slightly better. She's probably just pleased its expensive, and she's given up on getting any more of the fuzzy things on my iPod earbuds.

Oliver, our indoor outdoor cat who sometimes plans his own organic meals outside, has also begun to eat it as has Ash.

Since they keep recalling more brands, I'm thinking organic is the way to go. I'm not mentioning the organic brand here because I don't think it's the fault of the brand my cats are turning up their noses at least short term. It's my cats hitting me with 'tude.

It's become a struggle of wills 'twixt Christine and Mon, however. He's still demanding a return to the flavor he previously enjoyed. She's adamant he learn to like what we've, in our finite wisdom, selected.

Would that I could explain and have him understand it's only because we love him and we're glad we didn't get any tainted food before.

We'll work through it. It just may take a little time.

When we bought the new food, we got some canned organic as well - same brand. Our cats only get canned on Saturday night.

We tried it out last night - 4-22-07 and they liked it. The dry - still not so much.


RK Sterling said...

LOL, poor kitties. You're torturing them. :)

I read somewhere once that cats are the only animals that will starve to death rather than eat something they don't like. Not sure if that's really true, but I can believe it. Christine may lose this battle of wills. :)

Lucas Pederson said...

Thankfully the brand we use wasn't ont he recall either. But we're too poor to afford organic food for our cat, so he stays with what he's most comfortable with.
Yeah. Christine may lose that battle with the cats. But, you never know. Time will tell, I suppose.

Sidney said...

You may have a good point there, Kate. Monty's resolve seems pretty strong.

Yeah, I predict given the cost and their reception of it we may have to do something different if we ever get through the current supply, Lucas.

Clifford said...

Back when I was in college I had a very cool tuxedo cat. He was my buddy. Well, he was out of food so on my way home from school I had to stop to pick up some food for him. I was broke. There was this generic stuff -- remember the black and white boxes? This one said "Cat Food" on the box. I bought it. When I got home, he came in, ready to eat. I fixed a bowl for him, he looked down at the it, then up at me, then turned to go back outside.

That's the last time I ever saw him. We all looked for him -- the entire family -- but he was never seen again.

True, sad story. Be careful, cat's can be unforgiving.

Sidney said...

That is a sad story, Cliff.

We've started mixing in some "Meow Mix" hairball control formula, which is not on the recall list and seems to get some high marks for flavor. Maybe it's mixing the foods in reverse.

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