Friday, November 24, 2006

In Dreams

Charles Gramlich has a post about dreams over at Razored Zen. That made me think about my dreams from last night, which were a little more esoteric than the one he describes.

I'm not sure if there's meaning to be gleaned, and only a fragment remains but it is one of those fragments that carries over the eeriness of the dream world.

I saw a girl I used to know who was struck by a serious illness. She was looking at me, down through a glass or maybe backward through a glass. It was like an over the shoulder glance from the her before the illness.

Maybe I should look up one of those dream interpretation sites - there's probably a meaning for glass, a meaning for a glance from a distant friend.

But maybe there's more mystery in wondering.

Dreams can be our mind's way of forcing us to analyze things.

Maybe it's more important for me to work on it a while than for checking a guide of symbols.


Anonymous said...

I think what's more intriguing about this is that it is being looked at through a glass. A fragile barrier.

Mirrors are a frightening thing, aren't they? A representation of reality. But a representation that always seems to allow room for doubt. What if? And what's in the glass when we turn our face.

In your dream the woman is presented as she was before the illness. Perhaps the glass, the barrier, is there as a reminder that the past is unapproachable.

Sidney said...

Interesting thought about the past.

Your notes make me think of "slow glass," from, I believe, a story called "The Light of Other Days." The concept was used as the framing device for the Marvel black and white comic magazine "Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction."

Slow glass allowed light to pass through slowly so when one side was exposed to a scene, the scene would be seen later on the other side of the glass.

They made good use of that in some wrap around stories in the magazine, because the scenes were of course often from the past and impacting the present.

Anonymous said...

I believe that most symbolism in dreams is highly personal, meaning that I doubt a dream interpretation site would be much help to you. The things you experience in a dream probably reflect more on you own personal feelings and experiences, and on what your thoughts are during any given day.

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