Saturday, November 11, 2006

Cool Things I Got at World Fantasy Part 2 - The Superhero's Closet

Superheroes are real in Andrew Lynch's novel, an integral part of the society and landscape that 16-year-old Lain Grey must traverse in The Superhero's Closet.

It's a literary, coming-of-age novel set in a comic book universe - what a combination. It's definitely something different!

If you're enjoying NBC's Heroes, check out this book.


Anonymous said...

Sid, thank you very much for the post. At your suggestion, I downloaded the first 6 episodes of Heroes and pretty much watched them all in a row (Dr. Who Season 1 is next). It's a lot of fun, I'm hooked.

As a huge comic-book fan, I'm encouraged to see so many different media tackling the superhero. I'd better write more books before somebody else gets wind of the fact that the novel remains largely unused for super stories (unless they're published by Marvel).

Cheers, and thanks again.

Sidney said...

You're very welcome. Cool, cool novel! Heroes is great and I'm caught up now.

Doctor Who is incredible - I know you don't have TV but I see BBC America will soon begin re-broadcasting Season 1.

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