Monday, March 27, 2006

What's on the iPod? - Dr. Who Podshock

I find Podshock, which I've mentioned here before, to be one of the most addictive listening options out there.

Each week it's a sometimes lengthy conversation between three long-time Doctor Who fans, Ken Deep, James Naughton and Louis Trapani, and it's the item on my iPod I always work into my schedule.

News and analysis
There are news tidbits from both sides of the Atlantic, reviews of Who audios--there's a seemingly endless supply from a company called Big Finish--and of course discussion of the new and stunningly good Doctor Who now airing on the Sci Fi Channel.

But it's not the news or the reviews so much as it's the fan analysis and camaraderie that makes this a great show.

Reviews of the new show are wonderful and welcome, but it's just as entertaining to hear Deep riff for ten minutes on intrusive station identifications or program promos.

If you're just discovering the Who universe, Podshock is the spot to get caught up. I suspect you don't really have to be a serious Who fan to enjoy their show, but after listening to their enthusiasm and reverence you'll probably feel compelled to check out Doctor Who in one form or another as well.

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