Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Cell Phones - A new did ya ever notice

Everyone talks about how annoying people on cell phones are. That's possibly even a topic of some of the people talking on cell phones. They certainly talk about every other topic, while I'm stuck next to them.

I sat in a waiting room one day listening to a woman tick off symptoms of her digestive disease, and yeah, digestive disease is a euphamism.

I had a "Did ya ever notice" moment this afternoon while I was on my cell phone, however. Shoe is on the other foot, mile in someone else's moccasins.

Here goes:

When you're next to someone on a cell phone, they're annoying.

When you're trying to talk to someone on a cell phone, everyone around you is annoying.

You just can't hear very freakin' well on a cell phone.

I guess that's the whole cell phone social problem in a nutshell.


Echo Team said...

Did you ever notice that your kid never answers his cell phone, but complains when you cannot "pick him up on demand" when he calls you.

Did your wife ever get angry with you for not answering your cell. ..and the reason is that you were trying to reach 2 other line in the house which also were not answered?

Cellphones are like women, you can't live with them...and you can't live without them. (Kids? I guess you can live without them :lol )

Matt S. said...

My experience is that "everyone around you is annoying" regardless of whether or not you are on the phone.

Angela's Photos and Designs said...

I have a cell phone but I don't use it often so I forgot my pin and that is REALLY annoying. I have it written down somewhere, but I can't find it.

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