Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stupid Things I Could Do Holiday Edition

It's been a while since I've had one of those flashes of how things might go horribly wrong, but today...

The Christmas tree is placed in its corner. The ornaments are hung with care, and the lights are aglow, those multi-colored old fashioned style bulbs of red, blue, green and white.

The only problem is the branches on this beautiful fir look just a little dry.

With a watering can, I push back branches and crawl commando style to the tree holder to pour a fresh libation for O Tannenbaum.

My miscalculation is in how much water the tree stand will hold. The label cautions about not selecting a tree taller than six feet, but liquid capacity is not in the documentation.

Lifting branches to allow the proper angle for the tipping of a watering can, I estimate and listen to the trickle.

After a day in place, the tree seems to have drunk the stand dry, so I pour, and pour, and one of those prickly branches slips free to slap me for being too familiar.

Suddenly the water overflows, runs down the side of the stand, and I remember that those bulbs are powered with ELECTRICITY.

(Happily that didn't happen.) 

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