Friday, July 13, 2012

New Online Horror Series - The Unknown

Free episodes of a new online horror series, The Unknown, are now available. Episodes are short and twisty.

Seems like this came around quickly. I read a while back that it would be developed with Dominic Monaghan of Lost. 

Episode One can be watched on Crackle, Sony's online movie site.

Monaghan is sort of the framing device for an anthology format. He's a blogger stalking tales of the paranormal. He's working on an article on artificial intelligence as things kick off in "Yesterday," but the story focuses on a man's struggle to cope with reality.

William Atherton, who was responsible for unleashing all of the badness in Ghostbusters, also appears in the opener. Check it out at this link:

Watch The Unknown, Yesterday, Season 1, Episode 1 Online Free - Crackle

From Crackle: Yesterday


Charles Gramlich said...

with satellite internet it's not always easy to see these things.

Sidney said...

Hmm, I'm on high speed lite wehre I'm staying at the moment, but it came through OK. For a couple of dollars a day more apparently I could have real high speed, but I just get by with the lite at the moment.

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