Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lovecraft Is Missing - A Web Comic I'm Reading

I've  been reading, re-reading and seeking out new things as I prepare for my teaching gig. I'm thinking of  a Serverus Snape wardrobe too, but that's a different discussion.

Lovecraft is Missing is an interesting web comic I ran across via the io9 blog. If you haven't discovered it ahead of me, it's an intriguing, ongoing tale, and it's perfect for tablet reading. Check it out.

It's written and illustrated by Larry Latham, who posts status updates about new pages in his production schedule.

That may generate some cliffhanger suspense for you down the road because he's running a little behind, but there are hours of happy reading in store before you get as far as having to wait for new content.

The story focuses on a Brown University Scholar, a pulp writer and a priest. When Lovecraft goes missing, possibly with illustrations from an occult volume, the protagonists become embroiled in occult battles and investigations.

So far I see hints of Innsmouth and other familiar Lovecraftian tropes, so I'm anxious to keep reading.

Start here, at the beginning, in Boston's North End, 1926.


Charles Gramlich said...

I'm thinking of self pubbing a Lovecraft tale for kindle.

Sidney said...

That sounds cool. I re-read At the Mountains of Madness the other day and will peruse a lot more Lovecraft, though I'll probably only have a slot for one story to be discussed in my course.

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