Sunday, February 19, 2012

Miss D Abides

I haven't done an update on my cat, Miss Daisy, for a while now. She was diagnosed with kidney disease a few years back. Hard to believe how long its been.

Happily she's still hanging in and going strong. We do subcutaneous fluid treatments every night. Just takes a few minutes with an IV drip. She forgives that and sits on my lap afterwards. 

She's less forgiving of Oliver, the first rescue cat from the woods behind our home. Him, she keeps on a short leash. Infractions draw hisses. 

She's done far better than we expected when we first received the diagnosis. As I write this, she's strolling past me, headed back to help Christine work on the household budget. 

She has opinions about everything, and she's happy to express them.


Snowbrush said...

Oh, that's so sad, but you're so compassionate and dedicated for doing it.

Sidney said...

Thanks. She really is a good cat, very loving and pleasant. It doesn't take much time to look after her every day.

Charles Gramlich said...

Glad to hear she is surviving.

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