Saturday, August 13, 2011

Biblioholic's Bookshelf: The Phantom - The Mystery of the Sea Horse - Seventies Comics Novelization

The Phantom has always been a favorite of mine. The mythology is pretty fabulous: a long line of heroes, starting in the 16th century, all donning the same guise to fight crime and evil. Superstitious types could only assume The Phantom or Ghost Who walks was immortal.

I had many different incarnations of The Phantom comic books as a kid, even a pretty good stack of Charlton issues, which weren't the best.

I found only this installment in the series of novelizations in the spots I bought books as a kid. It's based on the original Lee Falk stories but penned by Ron Goulart a prolific author and adapter. He did several of The Avenger titles and the Vampirella novelizations.


Charles Gramlich said...

I read one of these a year or so ago that had the villains dressed as bumblees. It was pretty weird. Still, I'd read these for the old pulp feel to 'em.

Sidney said...

Sometimes things get goofy. Wonder if that is a Goulart entry. I remember the Vampirella novels fondly, but I've seen those who have found them lackluster. I guess if you do a lot of novelizations you sometimes reach the point of thugs dressed as bees.

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