Monday, December 13, 2010

Upcoming Movies I'd Rather Be Seeing

You ever go to the movies, and see trailers for flicks you'd rather be seeing than the show you just paid for?

I saw a perfectly fine holiday movie yesterday, but the trailers, always look better. They're the "what else is on?" of the theater experience, a couple of compressed minutes of pure imagination, revealing the best of a two-hour movie while sparking your imagination about possibilities as well:

And a Sci-Fi turn based on the novel from James Frey of "A Million Little Pieces" fame. The next Harry Potter?

Who's to say how these will pan out, but what a seven minute ride.


Charles Gramlich said...

I must confess to sometimes just watching that channel that runs trailers. They can be a kind of art form of their own.

Sidney said...

Yeah, I've done that too. Two-minute mini-movies.

AvDB said...

We're big trailer whores in this house. My husband downloads dozens at a time and we sit for forty minutes, watching.

Happy holidays, Sid!

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