Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A lesson in self promotion

I hate self promotion.

I'm a shy, retiring and modest type, so I don't like having to proclaim my own virtues, but for the new e-book editions of my novels, such as Blood Hunter and the upcoming Gnelfs, I'm mustering my courage and tenacity and doing interviews and what I can to get the word out.

It's pretty much a necessity. I've noticed about a million books out there. Most are written by James Patterson, but not all, so you've kinda gotta wave your arms and shout.

All of this is making me recall a lesson in self promotion I got at the opening session of a science fiction convention a few years ago.

John Steakley, author of Vampire$ was there. Maybe he was toastmaster, I don't recall precisely. But a microphone was handy, and The Scary Book graphic novel was just out at the time, so that's what got a mention when I was introduced.

"What was the name of that again?" Steakley asked, picking up a mic.

"The Scary Book," I answered when he tipped the mic toward me.

"The Scary Book, you say?"

"That's right."

"I don't think they heard you in the back. What was it? The Scary Book?"

"Yes, The Scary Book."

I was probably a little red by then.

"OK, The Scary Book."

He enlisted someone else to say the title, and this went on for a while. When it all wound down, and the mic was no longer in front of us, Steakley leaned in and said: "That's what you gotta do. Just keep mentioning your title."

So if you pass me somewhere in the various corners of the web, and I'm mentioning Blood Hunter, or the upcoming e-edition of Gnelfs, you'll know that's what I'm up to.

For those of you who don't own Kindles, by the way, Blood Hunter is available in .pdf and other handy formats on the publisher's website. That's Crossroad Press. Just click here.

And if you're a writer, remember Mr. Steakley's advice, because in most fan circles if you mention Armor or Vampire$, they know who you're talking about.


Charles Gramlich said...

I've gotten better at it but it is still very hard. I find it much easier to do online but I'd probably be more effective in person. I gotta keep reminding myself, mention the title, mention the title.

Sidney said...

Let's see that'd be "Killing Trail," right?

Lana Gramlich said...

The sucky thing is that you can jump and wave your arms & repeat things endlessly & STILL be invisible. That's my problem. You can ask Charles. I'm utterly forgettable and completely invisible. It's uncanny, really.

Kippoe said...

Thanks for the good advise I just need to pick a shorter title next time

ANNA-LYS said...

I've heard Your shout all they way to Sweden ;-) Thank You for the visit and yes, I agree our cats are very lookalike :-D

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