Sunday, May 16, 2010


OK, I'm kinda back. Stewart Sternberg, whose The Ravening everyone should already have on pre-order, gigged me a bit a while back about repurposing Twitter tweets, but I've been a little swamped of late, and I did want to preserve some of those thoughts.

Hopefully I'll be back to the blogosphere full steam soon and fresh with ideas and energy. I've just been busy with school, work, and well that's about it, but that's been plenty.

For those of you who still have me in your RSS feed, let me get a few things on record on things nerd. I've managed to keep up with a few things in spite of the swamping.

Iron Man 2: liked it but the critics aren't really 100 percent wrong.

V: Like it, glad it survived, sorry it had to be between it and FlashForward which I liked marginally better.

Lost: Looking forward to the finale. Is The Source the same thing that's in the suitcase in Pulp Fiction or that box Mike Hammer had in Kiss Me Deadly?

Inception: Looks interesting and I like Christopher Nolan.

Reading: The Outside Man by Richard North Patterson.

Next Up: I Was Dora Suarez by Derek Raymond. Wish me well.

Miss Daisy is hanging in.


Charles Gramlich said...

Did they cancel Flash forward? I liked it a whole lot better than V. I couldn't get into V at all but I've been following flashforward like few other shows since Nip/TUck.

Sidney said...

Yeah FlashForward was cancelled and V was renewed. FF really had gotten interesting, but V had more of a ratings surge and FF dipped.

Lana Gramlich said...

I will never find out what was up with the kangaroos! DAMN YOU, ABC!

RK Sterling said...

Glad to see you're back. I totally understand how daily life can suck the energy right out of you.

Wishing you well.

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AvDB said...

Nice to see you around!

I liked "V." I grumblingly watched the pilot at the end of the weird season split, waiting for the contrast blush, the mouse-eating and silly lizard baby, but found myself oddly sucked in. Didn't hurt that "Juliet" from Lost found her way on the show; I like her.

Steve Malley said...

Good to hear you're well. I've been hunkered down in my spiderhole, and there I shall sadly remain until I at least pass my Act II Climax... :)

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