Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Podcast Episode - My Story Good Kids

The June episode of Fear on Demand is now live. It's Episode 7. I'm kind of pleased to have made it this far. My grad school advisor observed that a podcast seemed like an open-ended, sort of living anthology, and I suppose that's a good analysis.

A few more stories and we'll make it to 10 episodes, which has kind of been the goal in the back of my mind. If I make it to 13, that would be an interesting number for a horror podcast as well. I think I'm technically better yet again on this episode, though I do say "uh" a lot in the intro. Sorry, I'll work on that next.

Good Kids
This month's story is "Good Kids," one of mine, and it was originally recorded by Thayne Multimedia for a planned audio-anthology of non-supernatural horror stories. It was going to be a follow-up to the War of the Worlds adapatdation I wrote (available at right from iTunes), but it was delayed by various factors so Troy Thayne agreed to let me use the story, and two others, for the podcast.

Original publication
The tale originally appeared in an online magazine called "The Boneyard." It was written in the nineties and was interestingly sort of the inspiration for a novel.

I described the tale of good students facing a bully to my then editor.

"What if the supernatural were involved?" she asked. "What if one of the kids were a witch and what if things with her got out of hand?"

That nucleus became my young adult novel, "New Year's Evil," which appeared under the pseudonym Michael August. Happily that was one of my books that was later translated into German. (Apparently used copies can be had for about $1 from Abe Books.)

It followed a group of students who enlisted a witch's help to thwart persistent aggression from a troublesome kid. She helped deal with him, but then she turned out to be an evil witch who was out of control.

"Good Kids" is quite different, a dark tales of misguided young people pursuing relief and revenge.

It's out there now. Hope everyone likes it if you drop by and give a listen.


Charles Gramlich said...

I'll check it out. I remember reading Good kids, but it's been a while.

Sidney said...

I appreciate it. I think the reader did a good job with the main character/narrator.

AvDB said...

I have it queued up. I can't wait to hear it.

Sidney said...

Thanks, Avery, hope you like it.

Erik Donald France said...

SO cool. And to have a German translation, how uber is that?!

Anonymous said...



Rick said...

Podcasts are sort of a mystery to me, Sidney. May I ask how you learned to do them? Is there a lot involved? Also, mind if I add you to my recommended blog sites?

Stewart Sternberg (half of L.P. Styles) said...

Okay, this is some cool stuff. May I say that, or will your head get too big and I'll have to start calling you Sir and Mr. Seriously, I get the feeling that you are always in the process of reinventing yourself. But then again, isn't that what life is about?

laughingwolf said...

gonna listen to it asap :)

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