Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Was Zombie When Zombie Wasn't Cool Apparently

Word up is that zombies are all the rage again.

"Zombies are the New Vampires" by Lev Grossman in the new issue of TIME speculates that just as "Night of the Living Dead" symbolically served the Vietnam Era, zombies are now ready to serve our current era of uncertainty.

I've always been fond of zombies, those mumbling shamblers who offer nightmares as they long for brains.

I did a zombie graphic novel for Caliber Press once upon a time. I may have mentioned it here before. I tend to go on that way.

While it tipped the hat to "Night of the Living Dead" zombies, it was really more about voodoo zombies and New Orleans.

It was called "Sirens" because the central villain, Felicity Green, had co-opted voudon for her own, evil ends, and sent young women out to find victims to help her maintain eternal youth.

The hero, Jeff Delmer, encountered one of the "Sirens" and quickly found himself turning into a zombie. The story focused on his efforts to avoid that end. Helping him was a previous victim who wasn't mostly zombie, he was all zombie and shambled through the French Quarter in a floppy hat and trenchcoat to conceal his status.

The artwork by John Drury and Chuck Bordell had a wonderful noir feel., and it's an item on my backlist of which I remain quite proud.

Enjoy a few panels at the right, but don't mess with me. I've got a Creative Commons license.

I almost forgot. The audio drama for which I'm providing my voice is zombie-themed. I am in the midst of zombie. Details on that as they develop.

Addendum II
Apparently at least the second part of Sirens is available on ebay at the moment.


Charles Gramlich said...

Quarantine, which I mentioned on my blog today, was essentially a zombie movie.

Steve Malley said...

Ooh, good stuff....

Smokestack Jones said...

I thought you'd NEVER mention Age of the Zombies.

Oh, and yer welcome.



Lana Gramlich said...

Sounds interesting. I'm not much for zombies, unfortunately, but what you've described sounds a bit different.

Sidney said...

Thanks Glen. I have a feeling there will be a post on "Age of Zombies" in the future, and probably some mention of it on in your "About" credits.

Thanks for the thoughts also to everyone else.

Shauna Roberts said...

New Orleans is a great setting for your zombies. Given the glazed looks and ragged walks at some times of day in the Vieux Carré, it could be overrun with zombies without anyone noticing. That story sounds cool.

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