Monday, March 23, 2009

Catch Up

I don't have anything extremely profound today, just thought I would check in with a brief biographical update to stay in touch.

My Allen Smithee moment
I have had my name taken off a project I put a lot of energy into. It's not a Hollywood project but it had started to feel like one. The camel-back-breaking straw was finally produced after a good bit of back-and-forth with editors. It came while I was in the midst of my school residency at Goddard, and perhaps the climate of art and aesthetics contributed. At any rate I threw up my hands, and I've moved on. I was going to write a longer post about the affair but didn't have that much that was profound to offer.

Miss Daisy
Christine took Miss Daisy to the vet today for a check-up. Dee's been hanging in well of late, and her tests looked good. Considering for a while last summer we thought she might make it only a couple of months, we're very thankful.

Got my first packet back today with positive notes from my advisor. I spent a good bit of time reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle for this packet, and my paper on it was viewed positively, so that was nice. Good book by the way. I'll try to get more posted on it.

I'm reading The Wycherly Woman by Ross MacDonald now toward a paper on detective novels. Have about two weeks to get my thoughts together and write that.

We're getting lots of subscribers and Fear on Demand is part of the Horror Podcasting Network now which is getting us a little added attention. Everyone is liking the stories thus far.

The Day Job
It's a day job. Guess I'll continue to ride that horse as long as it will run.

That's the big stuff for now. Catch up complete.

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