Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I'm Being Followed By Consonants

I signed up for Twitter not long ago as the posts at the right may have hinted. It's a quick way to fire out blog notes from just about anywhere, so it's handy in hectic times like these.

It's also a nifty experiment in social media, which is all the rage in the web marketing world since that's where people are.

I should say it's all the rage in the well-informed web marketer world.

It's not so much the rage in the uninformed and crabby, guy-who-has-to-search-his-desk -drawer-for-his-web password world, but that's another story of web monkey life.

Anyway, I signed up for Twitter. Cliff's there and active as well as a few other people I know, and you can even follow a Twitter debate between McCain and Obama surrogates if you choose.

But what I'm not sure about are a couple of recent people who have signed on to follow me.

Following on Twitter means people who are following you can see the micro posts you enter along with the posts from other people they're "following" aka reading. It mimics the status updates you can do on Facebook.

When I log on for example, I see Cliff's entries, chronologically interspersed with entries from other people I'm following.

I'm not sure why the Twitter members with rows of consonants instead of names have their eye on me but two have signed on in recent days.

I understand on My Space why I get spam friend requests from Miffy and Tiffany periodically. They have webcams and would like me to pay per view.

I don't quite know the gain of what may be some kind of weird reverse spam.

Are these mysterious consonat followers gathering marketing data when I drop factoids such as: "bought The Color of Blood by Declan Hughes on a Fourth of July book shopping excursion?"

Or is there something more sinister? Are those alien names, those Be1pbuipbuis and their ilk?

If I should disappear, check Twitter for my last known whereabouts, oh and you can look in Second Life somewhere around the Elbow Room, but I haven't been there in a while.


Charles Gramlich said...

You're in danger of disappearing completely into Cyber space one of these days, Sid. We'll have to start calling you Lawnmower man, after the movie, not the STephen King short story.

Erik Donald France said...

Soundtrack: Bowie's TVC15 ;->

So, RSS vs. Twitter -- is it like Mac vs. PC?

MySpace vs. Facebook?

In any case, Obama IS better than McCain!

Them's my two cents . . .

Erik Donald France said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erik Donald France said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shauna Roberts said...

That does sound bizarre. Hope they turn out to be fans and not stalkers.

Steve Malley said...

I can see some kind of Matrix-y, creepy thriller coming out of this. Two shadowy figures with random alphanumeric names, rainy alleys and lots of shiny black latex...

Sidney said...

I think everyone has good ideas here. I think we'll mix them all up and Erik's ideas can be the soundtrack.

Lana Gramlich said...

I can't keep up with it anymore...My Space, Twitter, Facebook, BlogCatalogue. Heck, I have a problem just reading blogs these days, y'know? *L*
I only succumbed to the Facebook pressure when I realized I had enough friends on there to make it worthwhile. This proves that I am a total ass. Now the friends who rarely bothered to e-mail rarely bother to post on my Facebook wall, either. I'm not playing the game anymore--no more "social networking" (or similar) sites for me. In reality they're just "cyber-ignoring" sites, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Too many of these "sites" to be on all of them...too many sites, too few fingers.
You could always email your consonant stalkers...just say hi!

Erik Donald France said...

So wait, you've also got something in Erotic New Orleans?

This after reading Charles' latest.


Sidney said...

Yeah, that story goes back a while. Hope you found it a tasty piece of fiction if you read it. Thanks for finding it. :-)

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