Thursday, June 19, 2008

This Will Not Be The Day

This will not be the day.
She sits purring on my knee
Or crouches in the corner
Near British mysteries and unread Micheners
Destined to be there a little longer.

She jumps today and scratches
And deposits her beloved toy at my toes.
Her eyes as bright this morning as the first time.
As innocent and devilish.

She fights the mouse for my attention.
Demands my fingers stroke her head.
And not the keyboard.

She curls finally upon my lap.
And purrs at me.
And it is as if
All our yesterdays are moments and not years.

This will not be the day
Tho' soon.
Too soon.
Too soon.


Charles Gramlich said...

Very tender poem. I like it a lot.

Sidney said...

Thanks, was crying when I wrote it.

Clifford said...

I'm reading this in a cafe...and I'm fighting back the tears. Been there, my friend, and I know how difficult it is.

This poem is beautiful. Get it published.

VictoriaPL said...

Yes, exactly. You nailed it.
I have my elder kitty beside me right now. We send our regards to you and yours.

Jane said...

Beautiful poem and it brought tears to my eyes. I still miss my cats terribly.

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