Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Andy's Whistler Is Gone

I've probably mentioned how much I love "The Andy Griffith Show." I'm old enough to remember watching it "new" on Monday nights, and my grandmother and I were frequent re-run watchers.

I was sad to read this a.m. that Earl Hagen whose name is familiar to all those read credits. He wrote not just the Andy theme, "The Fishin' Hole," but many other TV themes and "Harlem Nocturne" as well, the quintessential tune for private-eye voice overs used to such good effect in Stacy Keach's Mike Hammer.

Read the CNN obit here.

Listen to a few bars of Harlem Nocturne here.


Erik Donald France said...

A salute, goin' down to Raleigh.
One of my sisters lives not too far from Mt. Airy/Mayberry ;->

Charles Gramlich said...

Sigh, blogger just really doesn't want me to post on your site sometimes.

I was saying I didn't know the guy's name but I sure can whistle that tune. Sorry to hear that he's passed.

It doesn't seem to be recognizing it's own word verification. Attempt number 4.

Attempt number 5 with yet another new word.

Sidney said...

That's where Andy Griffth lives now, isn't it? I have never visited there but hear it's pretty nice.

Maybe I just need to turn that feature off, Charles. I activated it way back when I was getting comment spam. I got one piece of spam the other day from somewhere, where the guy's ID name linked to a commercial website, but maybe some of that has calmed down.

Steve Malley said...

Weird. Haven't seen Andy Griffith since forever, just burst out whistling that tune! That guy sure could write a catchy song...

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