Thursday, December 13, 2007

What's On the iPod? - Slayride

You were expecting something traditional?

It's not brand new, but Chris Grabenstein's Slayride is a great holiday thriller that focuses on a young ad man's clash with a crazed limo driver at holiday time.

Scott Wilkinson, the ad man, is a bit anal about things such as pick up time, and when his complaint leads to the firing of Nicolai Kyznetsoff there's an angry Russian chauffeur to pay.

The novel also introduces Grabenstein's FBI agent hero Christopher Miller who's good at catching criminals but bad at company politics. I can identify with the latter.

Miller's pulled off desk jockey duty and winds up on Kyzentsoff's trail due to another crime, and it's a fast and entertaining ride.

Happily there's now a new Christopher Miller thriller set at Thanksgiving time. It's called Hell for the Holidays.

Grabenstein--a former ad man--is also the author of some restort town mysteries featuring an ex-military cop and his young sidekick - Tilt a Whirl, Mad Mouse and Whack A Mole.


Charles Gramlich said...

I've not read any of these. They sound interesting, though. I just got Koontz's "The Husband" through book mooch, and picked up a few other books at a book sale this morning. Never shy of books around here.

Sidney said...

Yeah, same here. Plenty of books.

I tend to listen to Koontz on audio nowadays. "The Husband" is a pretty good. My favorite of his recent books is "Life Expectancy" which is really wild.

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