Thursday, September 06, 2007

Getting a Little Wordie

I found a potentially useful tool at least for those of us who love words.

It's Wordie, described as Flickr without the pictures. It's a site that lets you create lists of your favorite words.

Got words you want to use in your writing?

Got words you want to remember to excise from your writing, like suddenly as Kate mentioned recently?

Wordie is the answer.

The Word So Far
So far I'm just getting started but I threw in a few Lovecraftian words as a start, another scary-sounding word and a word picked at random from a copy of The Hustler by Walter Tevis that was on the shelf by my desk.

It occurs to me that it could be useful in compiling words you want to use in describing a setting, or for brainstorming advertising copy.

"Write down everything you can think of about the product," an ad writing teacher once said. "Then use that to come up with your ad headline."

Word UP
Wordie's a great place to do just that, or to free associate in the quest for the ultimate metaphor.

Give it a try and see where it takes you.

(Special thanks: I discovered Wordie via 40 Unusual Websites You Should Bookmark and the collective efforts of all those who love and use Digg.)


Charles Gramlich said...

sounds interesting. I sort of do this on my own just using a word file.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sid --

It's Friday, 9/7. Happy danged birthday.


Erik Donald France said...

Word lists are fun. Looks good.

A kid called me her "home skilly waffle dawg" yesterday -- had to check out an urban slang dictionary for that one ;)

Erik Donald France said...

Happy B-day, indeed!

Sidney said...

Thanks for the good wishes. Middle age just moved another year further ahead of me.

Drizel said...

thats kewl, will check it out:)

RK Sterling said...

It's funny, that site seems to have created word snobs!

Happy belated birthday. :)

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