Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What Was Is On the iPod?

I was on the road and listening to the radio yesterday when David Was came on to discuss the re-release of an album, Famous Blue Raincoat, in which Jennifer Warnes covers Leonard Cohen songs.

Objects may be closer than they appear
I was headed toward a local body shop to turn my car in for repair at the time. I was in an auto accident the other morning.

I caught a flutter of movement in my side mirror which directed my attention to my rearview.

A car was changing lanes behind me. I had the thought that perhaps I ought to put my foot to the floor because it was coming at a high rate of speed.

"She's going to cut it pretty close," I thought, right before she slammed into me.

The (Pick your own word from the Urban Dictionary) had to chase me down to hit me, but she got me. Tore up the back bumper because they make those out of cotton candy.

So Now I'm In a Rental
I haven't configured my iPod connector for the Chevy Malibu the rental agency gave me. Man I hate when they walk you around it and check for dings. "Better not be any more when you bring it back or there will be Hertz to pay.")

So this morning I was stuck with the radio presets. Oh, my God the humanity.

I'm risking dings trying to get it off the crap the previous renter had it on.

Would that I'd had my iPod rigged up. I discovered a little gem while Was discussed Leonard, you see.

Was, of Was (Not Was)--remember Walk the Dinosaur?--recorded a tune with Cohen on vocals once upon a time. Was mentioned it in his review, cleverly planting the seed in my ear.

And I now have a $1.29 DMR free version of "Elvis's Rolls Royce."

It's a great low-voiced tune about a trip at the wheel of Elvis's classic ride, with the voice of the King coming from the back seat.

Sounds like it would make a better ride than the Chevy, but I'll get by.

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Charles Gramlich said...

sorry about your accident. Glad you're OK.

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