Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Halloween Costume

Halloween costumes have certainly improved over time. I'm not usually inclined to costuming, other than the work wardrobe I don to look corporate.

Besides what my folks called "false faces," I've never had many Halloween costumes, except for a shirt I bought in the Little Five Points area of Atlanta once. Christine made me give it away after we got married.

I bought a Monk's robe costume for a party once upon a time. It was made out of some kind of vinyl so in photos it looked like a raincoat.

I was kind of pleasantly surprised when Christine and I dropped by a
Spirit Halloween Store to pick up something for a charity event.

They're made out of fabric nowadays, what a concept. Someone had suggested we might want to look at ketchup and mustard outfits.

Like that was going to happen. I went to the vampire, zombie and sorcerer section. Much as I love the Universal Horror films, I figured Dracula's been done.

I briefly entertained a couple of robes with hoods but settled on a Gothic Sorcerer, pictured from the packaging. They don't show it on their website for some reason.

"It's a little dark isn't it asked Christine?" who was shopping the Rennaissance Festival Wear.

"Sure," I said. "It'll keep me from having to work the door."

I probably need a sorcerer's staff to really dress it up. Christine drew the line at the costume. No toys.

But maybe I'll come up with something before the party.


Stewart Sternberg said...

I plan on wearing a suit and going to a party this coming weekend as Dick Cheney.

I've been told that the guest of honor at the party to which I am going is a gentleman who has starred in a Troma film, playing the role of nerd. Last weekend I had to go to a wedding.Why does this all make me so horribly sad?

Clifford said...

I saw that costume at the Spirit Store too. Ended up with the Gothic Minister cause it was larger than the one-size-fits-allcostumes so it's a little longer. Dressing it up with some do-dads so it should be fun. And yeah, the costumes are getting better.

Tell Christine I said "hello".

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