Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Halloween Costume

Halloween costumes have certainly improved over time. I'm not usually inclined to costuming, other than the work wardrobe I don to look corporate.

Besides what my folks called "false faces," I've never had many Halloween costumes, except for a shirt I bought in the Little Five Points area of Atlanta once. Christine made me give it away after we got married.

I bought a Monk's robe costume for a party once upon a time. It was made out of some kind of vinyl so in photos it looked like a raincoat.

I was kind of pleasantly surprised when Christine and I dropped by a
Spirit Halloween Store to pick up something for a charity event.

They're made out of fabric nowadays, what a concept. Someone had suggested we might want to look at ketchup and mustard outfits.

Like that was going to happen. I went to the vampire, zombie and sorcerer section. Much as I love the Universal Horror films, I figured Dracula's been done.

I briefly entertained a couple of robes with hoods but settled on a Gothic Sorcerer, pictured from the packaging. They don't show it on their website for some reason.

"It's a little dark isn't it asked Christine?" who was shopping the Rennaissance Festival Wear.

"Sure," I said. "It'll keep me from having to work the door."

I probably need a sorcerer's staff to really dress it up. Christine drew the line at the costume. No toys.

But maybe I'll come up with something before the party.


Stewart Sternberg (half of L.P. Styles) said...

I plan on wearing a suit and going to a party this coming weekend as Dick Cheney.

I've been told that the guest of honor at the party to which I am going is a gentleman who has starred in a Troma film, playing the role of nerd. Last weekend I had to go to a wedding.Why does this all make me so horribly sad?

Clifford said...

I saw that costume at the Spirit Store too. Ended up with the Gothic Minister cause it was larger than the one-size-fits-allcostumes so it's a little longer. Dressing it up with some do-dads so it should be fun. And yeah, the costumes are getting better.

Tell Christine I said "hello".

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