Saturday, September 10, 2005

What's on the Pod?

While I was sick, I lay awake watching CNN reports of Katrina sweeping toward Louisiana, my native state, but I never expected the devastation that was to come. Hurricanes have menaced New Orleans before and dumped rain all over the state, but finally the big one arrived.

As I've been recovering I've watched coverage, unable to look away from the horror of it all.

It was one news program or other that plucked "Louisiana 1927" from Randy Newman as the soundtrack for a segment, an obvious but inspired selection.

It's a song I've always liked but somehow managed not to own, but I downloaded it this week. (I think I heard it first many years ago when Newman was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live.)

Its chronicle of a past flood, froma reference to the president's visit to the bold chorus fits today's tragedy as well.

May the chorus especially be an anthem to the rebuilding. Waters have tried to wash Louisiana away before, but it's a resilient state.

My heart to all the residents affected.

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