Monday, February 05, 2007

Testing Book Mooch

I'm an advocate of buying books new whenever possible. Writers don't make royalties off second-hand book sales after all.

That's not to say I don't frequent used book shops because I love them and I love finding forgotten treasures in hidden corners. And writers know they increase their readership in used bookstores, which ain't a bad thing.

The web of course opens up whole new avenues for finding lost treasures. Ebay has made just about any book printed since the beginning of time available to bidders. I've added to my Doc Savage books via ebay and online used bookstores.

Online book trading came to my attention via Library Thing. They link to a number of book swap sites and people talk about them on the Library Thing message boards.

I'm test driving Book Mooch because it seems user friendly, becuase I'm a biblioholic and I have some books I've read that I don't need to keep inventoried, and I also have duplicate copies of some titles.

The most important of those reasons is: I'm a biblioholic.

Apparently you list books you're willing to trade. Other users request books from the list and you mail them out book rate.

When you send a book you earn the right to request a book, and someone mails one to you.

My first request is in - so I'll be dropping by a mailbox today.

We'll see how it goes.


Charles Gramlich said...

I will have to check this out. I have a fair number of extra copies of books laying around that I'd be willing to trade.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I had no idea that writers don't make royalties on 2nd hand sales.

But I do buy a lot of used books. Almost all. This is kind-of bad now that I think about it.

etain_lavena said...

I love books, I will myself try and buy new one's as far as my budget allows.
Love the smell when you step into a second hand book store....hhhmmm...I don't think I will buy books online...never really tried!;)

Danny Tagalog said...

I try and buy new where possible, especially new novels - but today I bought (for 300yen - $2.50) The Essential James Joyce, The Trunpet Major by Hardy and Observatory Mansions by Edward Carey (recent - seems very good). All were battered copies and in the case of Joyce and Hardy, all the better. Yellowing pages and all I appreciate!

Here in Tokyo, the online books trade has hit a few of the second hand dealers hard, but long may they survive. They are good for expatriot authors too - selling independently printed books...

But, yes: buy new I agree...

Sidney said...

Yeah, the best you can do is buy new when you can, Tammie.

I'm with etain on the smell of bookshops, love it.

Charles, I've completed my first exchange and I think, depending on the book it winds up being roughly half-price when you factor in mailing materials and postage.

Danny, Observatory Mansions sounds interesting - I read about it on Amazon. Tell me if it is a good read.

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