Monday, February 19, 2007

And in News of the Weird

Today is the anniversary of the rescue of the Donnor Party, according to The History Channel's This Day in History. (Put 2/19 in the upper left corner of their site if you're viewing this after Feb. 19.)

The Donnor ordeal is a tale of true-life horror that's inspired many re-tellings and spin-offs including the chilling "A Child of the Golden West" from Dennis Etchison. Read that story and you'll never look at a bottle of Mountain Dew in the same way again.


A great tool for terror writers can be found at How Stuff Works - How Voodoo Works


Steve said...

voodoo and cannibalism - great links!

Now I've got to go find 'Child of the Golden West'...

Stewart Sternberg said...

I am about one hundred and thirty something pages through a novel I am writing that deals with voodoo. Thanks for the link.

Speaking of which..I need to ask Charles and some of those Louisiana folk about the level of awareness of voodoo in their communities. Funny, in Detroit, you can walk into a corner drug store and find all sorts of good luck sprays, incense, etc. And it isn't uncommon to find something with the name "Dr. John" on it.

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