Thursday, February 15, 2007

Filming Day One

Well, I survived the first day of filming, and we got all of the shots on a fairly ambitious schedule in spite of a host of mishaps.

Would that I could tell you of the things I saw and did, but alas this is no anonymous blog in which I can speak freely of my day job.

Let me focus instead on the fact that inspiration for my real calling can sometimes flow through the conduit of my work.

In my current project, I've had a scene that's plagued me for a few days. It's one of those Da da da then x happens scenes. What the F is X going to be?

Well, I was talking to the makeup artist--

We were just chatting while the small army of crew members set up all of the things they set up, things like "apples" other huge devices that look like they were borrowed from the Death Star.

--And she started telling me about being on an airplane that was struck by lightning. It sent a blue-blazin' burst of St. Elmo's Fire down the center aisle.

It was terrifying at the time for her and her family, but of course in my mind I started thinking: "Cool, St. Elmo's Fire. That's what I needed."

Hopefully it will illuminate my scene in more ways than one.

And the moral of the story is always listen to the makeup artist.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how these little conversations can spark such creativity. (Sorry about the pun)

Charles Gramlich said...

I remember as a kid we were eating supper when our house got struck by lightning. The lights suddenly went out, and fingers of blue flame came dancing out of the light socket on one wall. They flickered in and out like tiny lightning strokes for a second or so and then disappeared. Freaky.

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