Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Booktaker - a Nameless Detective Story

A Nameless Detective title greeted me when I dropped over to Audible the other day. I thought at first The Booktaker was one of the novels, and it reminded me I've lagged behind on the tales by Bill Pronzini, who for decades has steadily put out a book a year featuring his San Francisco P.I.

I used to read those almost as steadily, with a burst of back-to-back reading of volumes here or there, but somehow I let myself get out of touch with Nameless. (In the tradition of Dashiell Hammett's The Continental Op, the cases unfold in first person with only personal pronoun references for Nameless and never a proper name, except in one crossover title with Collin Wilcox in which he's referred to as Bill.)

I was delighted to discover the Audible offering was A.) Free at the moment and B.) A free-standing novella featuring Nameless. It seemed to be a great way to get back into the tales, and that proved true.

In the story, Nameless is hired by the antiquarian bookseller who sold him a collection of pulp titles once upon a time. Collectible maps are disappearing from his shop's secured rare books room in spite of careful security measures and an alarm system.

Taking on a false persona involving the surname Marlowe in tribute to Philip, Nameless goes undercover at the bookshop and begins an assessment of the premises and the employees.

A nice and twisty 90-minute tale unfolds with glimpses into Nameless' personal life, tips on the antiquarian book trade and a bit of action.

Nameless put the pieces together a couple of minutes ahead of me, though I was going "Of course" when he revealed the facts had been before me all along.

All in all it was a great little find, and a 90-minute mystery is a friendly listening length. The story is narrated by Nick Sullivan, perhaps a bit matter-of-factly for a first person story, but it gets the job done.

If you've never met Nameless, this is a good entry point, with a blend of the hard boiled flavored with affection for pulps and literature alike.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Mine Games 3D Art Reveal

I received a bit of news from the folks at Phase 4 films, the ones who gave me an early U.S. look at the Patrick remake, now streaming on Netflix.

They have announced a September 16 DVD bow for Mine Games, the latest film from  filmmaker Richard Gray who'll be helping the Audition remake, and starring Briana Evigan of the Step Up Films.

It's the tale of friends who discover an abandoned mine, and inside they unleash a deadly force which turns their excursion into a fight for survival.

It also stars Alex Meraz (The Twilight Saga), Julianna Guill (Friday the 13th), Ethan Peck (In Time), Rafi Gavron (Snitch), Lindsay Lamb (1108), and Joseph Cross (Untraceable) star.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


You were working.

I was pausing from a walk in that same patch of lavender.

You dived into petals.

I looked on for just a moment.

You never noticed, too busy seeking nectar.

But I had a little time to ponder our brief passing.

And the wonder that you are and of it all.   

Monday, July 14, 2014

Midnight Eyes - Louisiana-set mystery thriller 99 cent special price

Crossroad is running a special on my novel Midnight Eyes at the moment. It's available on just about every e-book platform for 99 cents.


Barnes and Noble


The talk focuses on former FBI profiler Wayland Hood who's summoned back to his Louisiana hometown to help his estranged father solve a series of brutal murders.

Events seem to be tied to a beautiful and mysterious woman, and Wayland and his father, Sheriff Ty Hood, have to put old differences behind them to get to the heart of the mystery buried deep in Louisiana swamp country.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Lovecraftian Serial

My story Lovecraftian story "Sleepers" is being serialized over at Paper Tape.

It began when I was thumbing through vinyl albums one afternoon in an antique store. I ran across a Broadway cast album for a show I'd never heard of, and my mind started turning that over.

What if there was a show that had opened and closed very quickly, and what if most materials related to it such as the sheet music disappeared?

What might be behind that?

I started playing with the notion, and I started to think about Aubrey Slater, a woman employed to find obscure items that couldn't be located on ebay.

What if the only remnants of a lost play could be found in London, where the original version was staged in the fifties in the West End?

I sent Aubrey to find out, feeling for her the whole time as I realized she was a mother estranged from her child for a variety of reasons, some her fault, some not. But she was also a researcher on a quest, with clues gradually pointing to more than a failed musical of interest to a few fans.

The result starts here and will continue in four parts over the next four weeks. It's kind of fun to be doing a little literary experiment like this. Check it out if you get a chance. 

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

John Schneider's Smothered

John Schneider's comedy Smothered stars Kane Hodder and a host of other horror icons, who find themselves in a Most Dangerous Game-style situation after a failed convention appearance.

It filmed in Louisiana, which is kind of cool. John Schneider of Dukes of Hazzard fame has a production company based there.

Happy to see cool things happening in my native state. Here's the trailer:

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Eric Van Lustbader Interview

My Q& A interview with Eric Van Lustbader about his new novel, Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Ascendancy, is now live on The Big Thrill Website.

He discusses the continuation of the Bourne series, Bourne's new job as a "blacksmith" and much more.

In this outing, Jason Bourne is asked to pose as a government official at a summit. When gunmen storm the event and whisk Bourne to a terrorist's lair, his problems are just beginning.

Take a look here.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Joston Theney Interview Re: Axeman

I spoke with Joston Theney, the writer director of the new horror thriller Axeman recently for Fear on Demand.

The text version of that interview is now available on the online literary magazine Paper Tape.

Joston talks about his love for '80s-style slasher films and how Axeman came about.

He also discusses working with scream queens including Brinke Stevens.

Check it out, and get a look at the Axeman trailer over at the Paper Tape site
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