Thursday, January 04, 2007

Surviving the Norwalk Virus With Steve McQueen

I seem to have contracted the Norwalk virus or some variation, not a fun way to begin the new year.

I think this is the first time I've had a serious stomach virus since about 1989, so I'd really forgotten the power drain.

Strangely though I can remember starting to emerge from the last one - I'd received a complimentary copy of Mystery Scene magazine, and when I was able I went out and sat in the sun and read an article about the Hardman mystery series.

This time around I've been keeping my sanity with movies. The Sand Pebbles with Steve McQueen's a really good film, I guess a roadshow picture in its day and an Oscar winner. At around three hours long it's perfect for viewing when you can't move much more than your thumb on the remote control.

Also watched Under Siege 2 for the first time although I'd always heard it was good. It is.

I'm not reading right now or writing much because I don't want to inadverdently give myself aversion therapy to my current projects.

Hopefully in another day or so I'll be better.


Stewart Sternberg said...

I liked "Sand Pebbles". Steve McQueen was probably an over rated talent, but he was fun. Who could forget his turn in "The Magnificent Seven"? A movie so loaded with testosterone that women watching it without shielding stop having periods. Or "The Great Escape". Or "Bullitt." Even "The Thomas Crown Affair". Sweet.

Sidney said...

Yeah, I liked McQueen, especially in The Great Escape. Here's a piece of trivia I picked up just the other day that kind of ties in with my earlier post. Apparently "Bullitt" is based on a novel Robert L. Fish wrote under a pseudonym.

Anonymous said...

"The Sand Pebbles" was never one of my favorite Steve McQ films. "Bullitt" and "The Thomas Crown Affair" were more entertaining, at least for me.

I hope you are feeling better soon.

Charles Gramlich said...

Sorry to hear that you're sick. Sometimes I think it's better to start the year out badly then with something really good. At least you have nowhere to go but up if start poorly. Get better soon.

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