Monday, January 15, 2007

Strange Deaths

I used to play around with a blog I called Hoofbeats of the Reaper that dealt with strange ways to die. Generally I pondered ways I might go, but I also included links when I ran across them to strange deaths around the world.

There have been a host of strange deaths the past few days:

Death while mole-killing - moles survive

Death by drinking water

Death by Australian eastern brown snake

Not a death but a rare case of a knife and saucepan fight


Charles Gramlich said...

And people are surprised when they find that you write horror! These are pretty good. Has anyone died from blogging yet?

Stewart Sternberg said...

Death by drinking water..I read that story. I thought it so bizarre. I hope the radio station is held accountable for staging and encouraging this event.

Another death which has gotten press today is the popping off of one of Saddam Hussein's codefendent's head. Apparently they botched the hanging.

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