Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wicker Expectations

The Wicker Man, you know, the original with The Equalizer, is one of those quietly chilling films. No mutants nor rampant bloodshed required for its ominous, lingering scare.

It comes from one of those through-the-looking-glass revelations, that the rules you've always known don't apply, that civilization is superceded by something darker.

I'm not sure what I was expecting when I saw stills for a remake a while back, but now that the trailer is online it's encouraging. View it online here. It's also available for the iPod.

Nicolas Cage, also seen with head aflame in the Ghost Rider trailer, replaces Edward Woodward, and the clips look faithful to the original's imagry from the sea plane entry to the strange world to the encounters with odd villagers and hints of old ways in practice. I'm sure the plot will diverge, but I'm kind of excited to see this revision.

I never get as bent out of shape about remakes as some people do, and I don't expect it to recapture the quaint eeriness, but with a few rock-'em-sock-'em updates, it may still be good.

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