Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wayne's New Job - Two Takes

You have to have a look at two blog posts.

My friend, Wayne, wrote an entry about the wending journey he takes from his home in the suburbs to his job in Chicago.

Meaningless digression
For some reason one of my favorite lines from The Rockford Files just popped into my head when I said Chicago. Angel reports to Jim Rockford that a couple of hitmen have come to town by saying: "They sent a couple of violinists from Chicago."

That's not relevant to this post. I just always thought it was funny.

Wayne's not a hit man, although I believe there is a multifuction digital color copier he might whack given the opportunity. But isn't there a copier in everyone's life that needs a good kick now and again?

So anyway
Visit Wayne's blog, pause to admire the potential cover art for his new book coming out in August, and read the entry: Doctor Richard Kimbal Fugitive. (Wayne's always liked The Fugitive, although he thinks: "Everybody Gets Hit in the Mouth Sometime" is a lame episode title, while we both like "Landscape With Running Figures" from Season 3. That's the two-parter where Kimble goes Greyhound with Lt. Gerard's wife.)

You with me still? After you read Wayne's blog entry, go to his buddy's blog:

Ormondroyd's Encyclopedia Esoterica: Latest Research

and check out how he illustrated Wayne's tale of his trip into Chicago.

And take this as an example of how to say something in 200 words, when two hyperlinks could have handled the task:

A. Wayne's Entry: Dr. Ricahrd Kimble Fugitive

B. Ormondroyd's Entry: Wayne's New Job

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