Sunday, June 08, 2008

Summer Fear Itself

Wayne reminded me that I'd missed the first episode of Fear Itself by mentioning in an e-mail that he'd taped it from NBC Thursday night.

Fortunately we're in the era of Hulu and other online resources. I logged on this afternoon and got caught up on episode one, "The Sacrifice," penned by series producer Mick Garris, the man behind Masters of Horror and Masters of Science Fiction.

A tale of crime and terror
I found myself really liking the tale of criminals on the run who wind up in a remote, primitive compound with Rachel Miner--who has quite a bit of horror cred with Penny Dreadful and the non-supernatural but chilling Bully. She and similarly lovely sisters clad in polygamist sect fashions, take in the broken down criminals and then the chills build. The nutshell synopsis may seem familiar, but there are twists, makeup effects and performances along with a dark and gritty feel.

Support your local horror show
Need I remind in this era of brainless reality TV, any worthy genre programming is worthy of sampling? If more episodes maintain the quality of this first installment, which is nigh as sharp as Masters of Horror without it's most gruesome details, a summer of chills may await.


Charles Gramlich said...

Three beautiful women? = Trouble.

I will try to catch this. I've been waiting for a new good anthology series to come along.

Steve Malley said...

Stupid Hulu, won't let me watch outside the US.

I'll have to wait for the DVD or hope that our local stations buy some eppies. *sigh*

Sidney said...

Yeah, they're getting good at making the web less global. THat's unfortunate.

Erik Donald France said...

Three beautiful *polygamist* women = BIG trouble ;->

I knew a woman named Florine who looked like that, from a Dutch offshoot sect. I survived, though (unless I'm dreaming back from beyond).

Tammi said...

I missed the first episode. I was drifting in and out of sleep while watching it. I'm hoping that this series revives some of the classics like Night Gallery. Love that stuff.

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