Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New in Young Adult Horror Audio - Deadly Delivery

Deadly Delivery, the first young adult novel I wrote as Michael August, has just become available as an audiobook from Crossroad Press. It's read by actor Maxwell Glick, who also read New Year's Evil.

The Kindle edition has been the bestseller among my titles of late. It's always hard to tell what makes one title take off, but it's unseated Blood Hunter, longtime champion.

Deadly Delivery is the tale of a group of teens who decide to play a monster-making game one summer. It seems a little lame, but they're bored. Soon their monsters have come to life, and they have to be stopped.

The tale's release comes at an interesting time since I'm in the process of creating monster-building activities as an instructor.

I'm not imitating the novel for classroom activities, but the current effort does bring back memories.


Charles Gramlich said...

YA fiction seems pretty hot at the moment. Maybe that's why.

Sidney said...

Oh, could be.

Kate Sterling said...

Congratulations. :)

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